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poem for gilli smyth

this poem is for gilli who once told me that writing poetry is the most important job in the universe! poetess goddess warrioress wild wise woman with a pen for a sword a sticky well used pen encased in a … Continue reading

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ode à l’immense ciel étoile

following a performance at nimbin’s great green cabaret in may (pictured above) i was invited to perform on accordion at the 25th anniversary of the lismore live poets (thanks to host david hallett). i combined my love of accordion and … Continue reading

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Tom’s Waitress

01 Nov 1993, San Francisco, California, USA — Singer-songwriter, composer, and actor, Tom Waits at the Limbo Lounge Diner in San Francisco. — Image by © Ed Kashi/Corbis I have a secret I must confess I want to be Tom’s … Continue reading

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Hi Beloveds Please check out my new site Blessings Vasudha

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