you near verse front cover

‘you near verse’ a book of selected poems by vasudha harte

“She is a talented pianist and songwriter with a voice to die for. her performance skills have won her many admirers and far too many glam slams. at last here is her first book of poetry so grab one while you can….accessible, irrepressible, immediately digestible…”

Daevid Allen poet author musician composer

“she is more then a local artist, she is an institution, a national treasure, our selky darling, the interpreter of birdsong, our flash of flamenco, the goddess balladeer, the background lilt to our fine dining, the tongue of a sailor we roar in joy and sing along with. she is every velvet outfit we lost our breath over when she entered a room. Oh what a night.”

Tanya Delys Mandorla poet

to purchase “you near verse” please write to vasudha.harte@gmail.com

paradiso 8 louise telfer pic and poem

 “I am loving reading my copy of your poems, Vasudha! It was a wonderful night, made unforgettable by your beautiful singing and playing. I think the highlight for me was when you played improvised backing while Laurie read ‘Tom’s Waitress’. Wow…I’ll never forget it. It was INSPIRED!! Thank you so much!”

Dianne Cantrell Lismore Live Poets




I have a poem to share

it’s not about being under the spotlight’s GLARE

on a stage

with a clock ticking

and judges pen’s clicking

it’s a longing

for expression

to blossom

into fruition

a precious opportunity

to be



ideas directed


digestibly plated

a present

of our presence

in the present

what greater gift is there

than having a poem to share

deep thoughts

enlightened musings

a haven in this storm of ever increasing confusion

what will become of us

under our most heartless government yet

in these times of out-of-control corruption

radiation destruction unpayable debt

an unfathomable spectrum of suffering


so much suffering

a poem

a brief holy refuge

a glint of art in this aching madness

an enchanted dream that awakens us

softens us

elates us

maybe bores us

our porous minds absorb a panacea


I want to whisper my poem in your ear

but I don’t dare

so I’ll just leave it there

(point to heart)


written by moonlight 10th feb 2015

won the lismore live poets slam 11th feb 2015 he he 🙂



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